Major skin problems: how to beat


Skin type is inherited, that is, it is determined genetically. Over the course of life, it practically does not change. So, alas, oily or sensitive skin cannot be normalized. But, with the help of creams and serums, you can solve other problems. Which ones, the editor Natalya Udonova found out.

In modern cosmetology, the type of skin is not so much important as its specific problems. Of course, jars of creams differ in texture, but their action is aimed at solving more important tasks. Namely: to give dullness to the skin, if there is a tendency to oily content, to soften, if there is a tendency to dryness, to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, and so on.

Major skin problems

Абязводжванне – the degree of moisture deficiency can be mild, or it can turn into a real problem.

Signs: a mesh of small horizontal wrinkles in the cheeks, a feeling of tightness, slight burning sensation, peeling of the skin.

Адчувальнасць – decrease in the protective properties of the skin.

Signs: the presence of rosacea, when a network of blood vessels is visible through the skin, an increased tendency to allergies, rashes following stress.

Violation of seboregulation – increased sebum secretion.

Signs: oily sheen on the skin, frequent appearance of comedones and acne breakouts – acne.

Premature wilting – wrinkles and loss of tone. Aging of the skin can begin due to health problems, such as hormonal disruptions, environmental influences (penetration of ultraviolet radiation, pollution) or improper care.

Signs: withered skin, fine and deep wrinkles that become apparent already at the age of 30.

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Instead of a tonic, the skin can be cleansed with clean drinking water.

Identifying problems

So, take a close look at the skin. Apply a tissue to the central parts of the face (nose, forehead, chin), check if a greasy stain remains. After that, also examine the skin of the cheeks. This will help you understand whether your skin is oily, combination or dry.

Further, according to the signs described above, you can easily determine whether you have specific problems that sometimes can occur all at once. So, combination and even oily skin can easily turn out to be dehydrated and sensitive.

Пошук рашэнняў

Sales consultants often advise purchasing the entire line of skin care products. On the one hand, this is correct: the means of one line are much stronger, because they have one goal. On the other hand, it is quite possible to limit yourself to the necessary minimum: a skin cleanser, cream and serum. Even the purchase of a tonic can be postponed for later. Many cosmetologists recommend wiping your face with ordinary drinking bottled water – the effect is the same.

The main attention should be paid to the pair “cream + serum”. Чаму?

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Young skin (under 30) is most often dehydrated and tired.

Cream helpers

Serums and fluids contain a very high concentration of active elements that easily penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, while the cream acts on the surface. Serums enhance the work of the cream and allow you to achieve results faster.

важна: each jar of serum is designed for one course. After it is over, it is better to take a break for one to two months. After all, the purpose of serum is to enhance the work of cells. And after work, as you know, rest is laid.

How to choose the right pair

First, you need to identify one or two main problems and start with them. In modern megacities, young skin (up to 30 years old) is most often dehydrated and tired. The task in this case is as follows: to choose a line of products that moisturize the skin, protect against the negative effects of the external environment and necessarily restore the epidermis.

Anti-aging products can also help address acne problems. These products contain salicylic acid, vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals necessary to eliminate the problem. Pimples can be treated with local agents (correctors), or better with special ointments that are sold in pharmacies.

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