Смачны рэцэпт смажанага агародніннага жамчужнага кускуса


Are you looking for a flavorful and healthy dish that will satisfy your taste buds? Look no further! The following, we bring you an enticing recipe for Roasted Vegetable Pearl Couscous. This delightful dish combines the goodness of pearl couscous with a medley of roasted vegetables, creating a burst of flavors and textures in every bite. 

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To prepare this mouthwatering Roasted Vegetable Pearl Couscous, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup RiceSelect Pearl Couscous
  • 2 шклянкі агародніннага булёна
  • 1 нарэзаны шынок
  • 1 чырвоны балгарскі перац, нарэзаны
  • 1 жоўты балгарскі перац, нарэзаны лустачкамі
  • 1 баклажан, нарэзаны кубікамі
  • 1 чырвоная цыбуліна, нарэзаная дзелькамі
  • 3 зубчыка часныку, фарш
  • 2 сталовыя лыжкі аліўкавага алею
  • 1 чайнай лыжкі сушеного орегано
  • 1 гарбатная лыжка чабора
  • Соль і чорны перац па гусце
  • Лісце свежага базіліка для ўпрыгожвання


Follow these simple steps to prepare your Roasted Vegetable Pearl Couscous:

крок 1

Roast the Vegetables

Разагрэйце духоўку да 425°F (220°C).

In a large baking tray, add the sliced zucchini, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, diced eggplant, and onion wedges.

Drizzle the vegetables with olive oil and sprinkle minced garlic, dried oregano, dried thyme, salt, and black pepper over them.

Toss the vegetables gently to ensure they are evenly coated with the seasoning.

Place the baking tray in the preheated oven and roast for 20-25 minutes or until the vegetables are tender and slightly caramelized.

крок 2 

Cook the Pearl Couscous

While the vegetables are roasting, prepare the RiceSelect Pearl Couscous according to the package instructions.

In a medium-sized saucepan, bring the vegetable broth to a boil.

Add the pearl couscous to the boiling broth and reduce the heat to low.

Cover the saucepan and simmer for about 8-10 minutes or until the couscous is tender and has absorbed all the broth.

Once cooked, fluff the couscous with a fork to separate the grains and set it aside.

крок 3

Combine and Serve

Remove the roasted vegetables from the oven and let them cool slightly.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the roasted vegetables with the cooked pearl couscous.

Gently toss the mixture to ensure the vegetables are evenly distributed throughout the couscous.

Taste and adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper, if needed.

Garnish with fresh basil leaves for an extra touch of freshness and aroma.

Serve the Roasted Vegetable Pearl Couscous warm and enjoy!

Nutritional Benefits of This Recipe

Indulging in delicious food doesn’t mean compromising on nutrition. The Roasted Vegetable Pearl Couscous recipe offers a plethora of health benefits, making it a wholesome and satisfying meal choice. Let’s explore some of the nutritional benefits you can enjoy from this delectable dish:

Abundant in Fiber and Whole Grains

One of the standout nutritional benefits of this recipe is its high fiber content. RiceSelect Pearl Couscous is made from whole grains, which retain the bran and germ layers of the grain, ensuring a significant fiber content. Fiber is essential for digestive health, promoting regular bowel movements and preventing constipation. 

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals

The combination of roasted vegetables and pearl couscous provides a wide array of essential vitamins and minerals. The colorful assortment of vegetables, such as bell peppers, zucchini, and eggplant, offers an abundance of vitamins A and C, which act as powerful antioxidants, supporting immune function and protecting cells from damage. 

These vegetables also provide minerals like potassium, which aids in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Balanced Macronutrients

This recipe strikes a balance between macronutrients, ensuring a well-rounded meal. The combination of pearl couscous and roasted vegetables offers a healthy dose of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. 

Carbohydrates provide energy for the body, while proteins support muscle growth and repair. The healthy fats from olive oil contribute to satiety and help absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

Нізкае ўтрыманне насычаных тлушчаў і халестэрыну

The Roasted Vegetable Pearl Couscous recipe is a heart-healthy choice as it is low in saturated fat and cholesterol. By using olive oil as the cooking fat and incorporating vegetables, this recipe helps reduce the intake of unhealthy fats that can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Choosing low-fat and plant-based options is a smart way to support heart health and overall well-being.

Additional Tips and Serving Suggestions

  • For an extra burst of flavor, you can add some crumbled feta cheese or toasted pine nuts to the Roasted Vegetable Pearl Couscous.

  • Feel free to experiment with different vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes or asparagus, based on your preferences or what’s in season.

  • This dish makes a delicious and satisfying main course, but it can also be served as a flavorful side dish alongside grilled chicken or fish.

  • Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Simply reheat it gently in the microwave or on the stovetop, adding a splash of vegetable broth to prevent dryness.

Enhance Your Culinary Delights with RiceSelect Pearl Couscous

When it comes to creating culinary masterpieces, using high-quality ingredients is key. RiceSelect Pearl Couscous is a premium product that elevates your dishes with its unique texture and flavor. 

The couscous pearls are larger and more robust than traditional couscous, providing a delightful chewiness that perfectly complements the roasted vegetables in this recipe. With RiceSelect Pearl Couscous, you can take your cooking to the next level and impress your family and friends with your culinary skills.

The Roasted Vegetable Pearl Couscous recipe is a true winner. It combines the wholesome goodness of vegetables with the delightful texture and flavor of RiceSelect Pearl Couscous. Whether you’re looking for a nutritious main course or a flavorful side dish, this recipe has got you covered. 

So, grab your ingredients, get cooking, and treat yourself to a dish that will surely satisfy your cravings. Don’t forget to try RiceSelect Pearl Couscous to elevate your culinary delights to new heights! 

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